Grounds for Change…..Legacy

Eastern Mt is a vast land, rich in history with a western heritage. This rugged land has created individuals who are tough, tenacious and headstrong. Survival has required- grabbing the “bull by the horns”, and doing whatever it takes to get the job done.

Our history and culture have proven successful over the years; yet times are changing and as a community we are now faced with doing more with less. These challenges require finding smarter ways in working together to meet the needs’ of our community.

GFC has decided it’s time for a different approach; we are a grass-roots organization focused on community change for children and their families through the unique services of existing community organizations. Legacy has shaped who we are as a community for over 100 years and continues to provide roots for who we are and what we might be. Meeting the needs’ of eastern MT into the future requires vision, change, and efficiency. Our shared hope for the people in our community is…..Striving to develop partnerships; being unique; being innovative; being different; and advocating for those served in an effort to promote positive changes for families and their children.

  • What we’ve learned…

    Change is tough….fear of the unknown is difficult! Many organizations and community members become comfortable with the routine and the status quo. ad
  • What we’ve accomplished…

    We are currently coordinating an early childhood collaboration for Custer County. Best Beginnings focuses on the needs of families and their children living in our community. A community wide needs assessment is now available after several months of hard work by the Best Beginnings Council of Custer County. Data from local agencies and programs was published, which has allowed us to discover gaps and areas of need. ad
  • Where we’re headed….

    We view community growth as a journey and not a destination! Our community has the opportunity to come together and make lasting change. It takes leadership, commitment, and WILL. Many organizations and community members have assisted along the way and we look forward to working with our friends and making more along the way! Cheers. ad
  • How you can help…

    Your contribution makes a difference for local children and families. Donate now!


    Although the unemployment level in Custer County is declining, our poverty level is increasing due to the increase in the cost of living and demand for housing. This lends to the concept of the, “Working Poor” and those individuals who must keep multiple jobs in order to make ends meet.

    This screening tool can help people in Montana learn if they may be able to get help from the programs.

  • Grounds For Change partners with Custer County District High School to receive One Class At A Time Grant

    Custer County High School receives One Class at a Time grant